Making Your Home Classy

A house is a home when people live in it. When it becomes a place where you want to go back to despite the fun that you have spent elsewhere. A home can be simple but it can also be something else depending on the taste or like of the people that live in it.

Being classy is not limited to small places. It is often in the outlook and how it is brought up. Certain accessories or fixtures or attachments can make a home classy. By simply including chandelier lighting the ambiance of the home gets different. Usually seen in big houses, when you see one, you usually get awestruck. Often seen in hotels and ballrooms but there is no law that prohibits having it in your house no matter how small it could be. Actually there are also mini chandeliers so you can proportion them to the size of your room.

You can add the usual daylight lamp so you have the option of using it or the chandelier. That way you can make extra special some days that ought to be. Also, you will not be wasting unnecessary use of electricity or energy that way. You can be environmentally classy.

19 thoughts on “Making Your Home Classy

  1. i want one mini chandelier in my room..but i can’t afford to buy..hahaha…

    at home, mom wanted to install one in the dining area..but dad disagreed, he’s afraid of what might happen to the chandeliers because my nephews and niece will surely love to play it — they might throw something or what..hahaha..

    up until now, we don’t have one at home..lol

  2. When I Heard the furniture, arrangement of the things inside of the house! I’m dreaming to making beautiful and awesome our house. and Dreaming to have a New House that we will say ”this is our new home” because our house at manila it’s like a “house of rat” its super small and not comfortable for sleep !!!

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