Makings of a Bad Day

A marital quarrel, a toothache, frequent blackouts, slow or no internet connection, and a stressed body, what else could you ask for a bad day? Right, I am all experiencing it all today. I think this day is just one of those days that you felt life has not fought at your side.
Anyway, I had a blast this morning but when the afternoon came from the moment I woke up, it seems the world turned upside down. My hubby texted again, not the “I LOVE YOU” series though but the “give me this because I did that for you” kind of series.Then you tried to relieve yourself by doing some online dollar chasing but ends up with two blackouts and sometimes a slow or no internet connect at all!

And while all these things are happening, I am having a toothache that is bugging me since early this morning.

Now tell me, am I having a fabulous day? Well, I guess it depends on how this day will end. I am wishing of a happy ending instead of another storm to worsen my day. Please…I need to see some light!!


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