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Managing My Finances Got Easier with GCash


History with GCash

It’s been a while since I have been toying with the idea of the convenience of having a digital mobile wallet. It was not until 2010 that I was introduced to GCash. At first, I decided to avail of a GCash account so that I can get a personalized GCash physical card. The idea of paying and buying anything via mobile was exciting, but withdrawing money using a personalized physical card was even more. Besides, the use of the GCash system wasn’t that rampant during that time.

New Life with GCash

Early last year, January of 2017, I have decided to get another GCash account with my new Globe mobile number. I downloaded the GCash App via Google Play Store. In an instant, I found the app very convenient and amazing. The flexibility of paying bills and transferring money to other people was exciting. My dream of having a digital mobile wallet has finally come to fruition!


GCash and PayPal

To be honest, the deciding factor wasn’t really that. It was the collaboration between GCash and PayPal made me decide to download the app. I am an online worker and I receive my salary via PayPal. Because of their collaboration, instead of waiting for days to get my salary deposited in my bank, with the use of GCash, I can get my money almost in an instant. It was the ultimate convenient beyond imagination!

Life with GCash

Since then, I have been using GCash for almost everything. I rarely have cash with me. I use it to pay for all kinds of bills, groceries, government agency payments, and much more. I also use it to send money to my family and receive payments from my clients. Now with its expanded services, I can even pay for insurances, loans, airline tickets, and among others. I can do almost every financial errand from the comfort of my home or anywhere at any time.

Basically, because of the advent of GCash, managing my finances got easier. As a single mom of three, I get to save a lot of personal time for my children and even money. Instead of waiting in long queues just to pay for our bills, I get to spend time with my kids. Just a few swipes and taps, my financial errands can be done in a jiffy!

What I have experienced with GCash so far…

  1. Pay bills
    • Globe Postpaid Plan
    • Smart Bro Postpaid Plan
    • BPI Credit Card
    • Unionbank Credit Card
    • PLDT Home Fibr
  2. Pay local utility bills
    • Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company (CEPALCO)
    • Cagayan de Oro City Water District (COWD)
  3. Pay local cooperative loan
    • First Community Cooperative (FICCO)
  4. Pay government agencies
    • BIR
  5. Buy different prepaid network loads
  6. Claim a Western Union remittance
  7. Send money for FREE from one GCash user to another GCash user
  8. Receive money for FREE from another GCash user
  9. Pay for almost anything via QR payments

Aside from these things, I also reaped other benefits of being an avid GCash user. Since I frequently used GCash, I gained a GScore of 649 which in turn gave me a 7000 pesos GCredit. This works like a credit card but in a different way. I will blog about my experience with this separately.

Have More Time with Your Family, Download GCash Today!

If you haven’t downloaded the GCash App yet, don’t worry, you can download it immediately and it’s for FREE! GCash App is available at Google Play Store and iOS App Store. And guess what?! Globe and TM users are not the only one who can experience this convenience. Smart, TNT, ABS-CBN, and Sun Cellular users can download this too! So what are you waiting for?! Download GCash today!

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