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Marriage and Finances

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Family finance is an integral part in marriage. It can make or break it apart. Most married couples give up on each other when finances are in trouble. As the famous quote says, “Love jumps out the window when poverty knocks on the door.”
But the question is? Does it have to jump when finances gets sour? My opinion is this. If married couple break-up because of financial problems, I guess love was never there at all. In marriage, I believe that having troubles is quite natural. I can say so since I am experiencing many “kind” of troubles lately and finances is one of them.Marriage is a commitment and so as LOVE. So, I believe that giving-up because of financial problems is not the solution. One, it takes two to tango but sometimes I do the tango by myself (and nobody is having a perfect marriage). It needs communication and careful planning. Second, you can seek help. Lowering pride and asking other peoples help or services well help a lot. Many debt consolidation services are available to help work things out. Even loans are available for financial assistance. Most of these services actually are found online.

Financial problems are not reasons to give-up marriage. It is another challenge to make a marriage strong. Help can be availed anytime and sometimes are given for FREE. All we need is seek for it and then ask for it.

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aeirin May 22, 2008 - 9:50 pm

Money should not be a reason for marriage failure… This is something that both parties could talk about… Pera lang yan… Though I admit mahirap kitain ang pera pero mababaw n rason ang pera para magkahiwalay or pagawayan. Dapat pinaguusapan yan. Pero it’s easier to say than done. Haay pera nga naman…. It is so powerful…


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