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Marriage – The Challenge to Honor the Vow

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“On this day, I promise forever. On this day, I surrender my heart.” Those are two beautiful lines from a David Pomeranz song written especially as a wedding song. The vow uttered by couples during their wedding day is simply that – a promise of forever. That’s why it’s saddening to think of the growing number of divorce cases each year. It’s as if people nowadays only get married so they can get their hands on fat alimony checks later one.

Those who marry young are usually those who file for divorce barely a year into their marriage. Even their BrianGavinDiamonds.com custom engagement rings are not enough to make them want to stick to their partners.

However, it’s still refreshing to see young couples determined to defy the odds, get married and honor the promise they made in front of men and God. A friend’s niece recently got married and my friend confidently said that the marriage would last because God is in the center of the couple. I really hope so.

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