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I like matching stuff. I mean, like as a family, it is nice if we can have a photo that we all wear the same color shirts.

But you know what? I would like something else to match. As many of you know, I have two daughters and I would really like for the three of us to having matching personalized jewelry. We can each have a simple chain necklace with a pendant of our initials. And the letters should be the same font. Or we can each have a gold bracelet with letters beads that spell our name. I think these would be a nice mother-daughter item, right? Hihi This is a dream.

I hope that I can save up enough money so that this year, I can buy something for the three of us to wear. That would be one of my legacies to them. I think I will have to go to a goldsmith for that because that is considered customized. Usually, you can get cheaper stuff from local goldsmiths rather than buying imported jewelry pieces from established shops.

So okay, now I am excited at the prospect of acquiring that for myself and my daughters. Lovely project!

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