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McDonald’s El Salvador’s Self-Ordering Kiosks: The First in Northern Mindanao

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It was about a week ago when I was invited to join the grand launching of McDonald’s El Salvador’s Self-Ordering Kiosks. It was a sunny morning and I was excited because I was going there with my close blogger friends.

View of McDonald’s El Salvador Play Place Outside

McDonald’s El Salvador’s Location

When we arrived at the location, I was very amazed at how big their McDonald’s store was. We have a standalone store in Cagayan de Oro City as well, but their’s was big. The land area tells it all. They are located along the highway near the road leading to Divine Mercy Shrine. You will never miss it!

McDonald’s El Salvador 24 Hours

They are open 24 hours and has a drive-thru service.

McDonald’s El Salvador’s Self-Ordering Kiosks

When we went inside, I was even more amazed when I saw the self-ordering kiosks. I can’t believe we have one already in Northern Mindanao. I have seen these in Manila, but this was my first time to order from it.

McDonald’s El Salvador Self-Ordering Kiosks

Self-Ordering Kiosks will make everything faster and easier especially for our younger generation who are into gadgets and technology. All McDonald’s El Salvador’s Self-Ordering Kiosks are capable of a cashless transaction as it accepts Mastercard and Visa payments. But for the meantime, the kiosks are disabled for such because they still waiting for the POS terminals to get installed. Nonetheless, the thought of it is exciting!

McDonald’s El Salvador’s Interiors

McDonald’s El Salvador Order Counter

Aside from the self-ordering kiosks, I noticed the CLAIM counter. This is the first time for me to see one here in the Philippines. The first time I saw this was in Vietnam. Maybe this was the reason why I felt like I was abroad when I saw it.

McDonald’s El Salvador Claim Counter

Anyway, the place, aside from being huge, it was clean and organized. They have many chairs and three function rooms that can turn to one big one if need be.

Bigger Dining Area

Spacious Dining Area

McDonald’s El Salvador Function Room

They also have a play place for kids to enjoy playing while waiting for the food to arrive. Definitely a good place for families to bond.

McDonald’s El Salvador Play Place

McDonald’s El Salvador Play Place

All-in-all the place really has an awesome vibe to it. I guess this how a NxtGen Store is like. Everything was indeed world-class and innovative. McDonald’s El Salvador is the First NxtGen Store with Self-Ordering Kiosks in Northern Mindanao.  And I can’t wait for the other McDonald’s stores in Cagayan de Oro to convert and follow this kind of system. I want to order from a McDonald’s Self-Ordering Kiosks. It is totally efficient!

My Orders from McDonald’s El Salvador

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