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Me and My PC took a Nap

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Oh well, my day went unplanned again! I was able to go to church today and I felt very blessed about it but my children weren’t able to come with me because they woke up very late (weekends sleep late syndrome); thus making me regret why I haven’t see it coming. Anyway, I have more to say about this in my post at Blessings and Beyond (to read about it, CLICK HERE).
After church, I went home. I wanted to bring my children out but I only have 100 pesos inside my wallet. So, I told them that we will go out next time when mommy has enough money to watch a movie and eat outside. Well, since I am blessed with very good children, they agreed.
I went inside my parents’ room (its where me and my children are sleeping). When I looked at my PC’s internal organs, I decided to take a brush and clean it. After, I turned it on so that I can check my emails. Alas!!! It wouldn’t boot-up. I wanted to cry; there it goes again, another threat to national security (errr…income)!! I tried everything but it didn’t work. I texted my PC’s new technician and he texted me some advices on what to do….aahhhh….it didn’t work too. So I asked him if he could come, he said OK he will be there around 4:00pm. Since it was yet 1:00pm, I decided to rest (I guess me and my PC needed it) for the afternoon and take a nap with my children, my niece and my mother. Yup…all in one bed…cramming together. When I woke up, it was already 5:00pm (what a rest!) and Paul, the PC technician, was not yet around. Of course, I panicked and ended up texting him again. Good thing he replied that he is already on his way (yepee!). To make the waiting short, he came and does some slight tweaking. Later, he told me that I have moved something that caused my PC not to boot-up but nothing terrible (phew!).
That was great news…and now, I am back online blogging about it and I thank GOD that it all went well. After Paul went on his way, I was deeply thinking that there are really no accidents in life. I guessed God has planned all things for me to rest and my PC too. He might have thought that I have become so over worked and a long nap would do some trick. Well, it did! Thank you Lord!!
Lesson Learned: Rest together with your PC!!
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Blog2u July 6, 2008 - 8:13 am

Haha, God Knows us best, right? Sometimes we think everything is a mess, but we just need the rest. Naku nag-rhyme ako. hahahahah


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