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My aunt has been telling me that I should attend a medical assistant training school. She said that I might get a job in the US since she has been doing this for a long time already. Then I told her that I already decided not to go back to school or not in another field. I graduated in the field of engineering and got work in sales, but medicine and hospitals? I think its not my cup of tea! Please let me talk the whole day training and teaching but being around the hospital worries me too much. I always feel that hospitals are lonely place to work at. Maybe I would consider being a teacher but not any work inside a hospital or clinic. 🙁

How about you? Does this kind of work interest you?

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  • Ave

    hi mommy rubz, nice blog makeover. i’m not done with mine yet. anyways, regarding studying as a medical assistant, that’s really your choice. i’m an RN here in the Philippines yet i’m jobless because i made a choice to stay close w/ my little girl. however, eventhough i’m not working as a nurse, i still love my profession. studying nursing made me a better person.

    let me get this to the point: you said, “I always feel that hospitals are lonely place to work at.”

    I say:

    1. well, i respect you’re opinion. however, contrary to what i believe in, working in the hospital is kinda exciting. although, it can be toxic most of the time but it depends on the individual how he/she manages the stress at work.

    2. hospital as a workplace is not as lonely as you thought about it. it is just like any workplace in your own field. once, you’ll find nice people you can get along with in your workplace, you’ll be surprise why you try to keep in touch with them when you’re away from work.

    well, that’s my opinion. still, you have all the choices you can make yourself.

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