Meet Johnny Sarangani – The Talking Bangus!!

Do you know who Johnny Sarangani is? No? Then you haven’t seen the video in YouTube that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately. It’s a video from the Philippines about a talking fish! A bisaya-speaking bangus (milk fish) named Johnny to be exact. And he’s frustrated about something. If it sounds too hard to believe, then I think you should just watch it for yourself.

Here’s the video, check it out:

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13 thoughts on “Meet Johnny Sarangani – The Talking Bangus!!

  1. i think one of the girls that was interviewed joined Biggest Loser? or saw her somewhere else… Johnny Sarangani is funny.. :))

  2. hahaha! this is funny. it’s quite an ad…very cool. my hometown is near Gensan kaya kasabot jud ko sa lenggwahe ni Johnny Sarangani. =)

  3. the conceptualization of the vid was amazing and shocked seeing my batchmate as the “ala tv host”.hehe go alora. the nurse turned artista…hihi

  4. Yup one of the girl in the video is a contestant in The Pinoy Biggest loser.

    BTW, this is a really catchy amd funny infommercial….

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