Memorable 2014

The year 2014 is one of those years that I will never forget. It was filled with memorable events that somehow I find myself wondering if all those really happened in one year. I did pinch myself and yes, it did happen and all of it was real!

2014 was a year of achievements for me. I took the board exam for teachers and I passed. After a few months, I was able to process my teaching license as well. Last July 2014, I was also completed the TESOL Certification Course in Cebu City.

Aside from the academic achievements, it was also the year of local travel. I went to Cebu City twice. The first trip was in March 2014 together with my two mommy friends and my eldest daughter. We went there to attend a virtual assistant boot camp and to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.



The second one was last July 2014, wherein I lived there for about a month to complete the TESOL Certificate Course. I went to many places and was able to experience new things.




It was also last year that I was able to get my passport. I have wanted to travel abroad but was not able to do so because I haven’t processed my passport. So last year, I was able to have the time and the resources to get one.


Though I worked from home, it was also in 2014 that I attended a lot of blogging events. With those events, I had great and memorable time with my friends from CDO Bloggers, Inc. We talked and talked a lot in 2014 until 12MN usually.

It was also last year that I started attending a Victory Group. It was one of those talk sessions that are very fulfilling and happy. The friendships that were formed were really awesome!

The thing I considered as the best events of 2014 were the small moments my children and I have done together and that is going to church. We didn’t get perfect attendance in attending church but all I can say that 2014 had more Sundays of us being together than any other since my youngest was born. We went to church almost every Sunday and eat dinner (or lunch) together at some restaurant or fast food chain. We spent our Sundays in hearing God’s word and spending time together.

from my instagram @rubzonline

from my instagram @rubzonline

It was also in 2014 that we have collected a lot of books and series.

from my instagram @rubzonline

2014 was really a memorable year for me. It was filled with a lot of events that made me and my family happy. And with that, I am very thankful to God for allowing me to experience all these. I am also thankful for all the people who were a part of it. I am so grateful for all these.

This 2015, I am expecting more by faith. I am expecting to experience new things to do, new places to visit, new food to try and more Sundays with my children at church.

How about you? How was your 2014? What are your expectations this 2015?

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20 thoughts on “Memorable 2014

  1. That was a great 2014, Mommy Ruby. I’m glad I was included in your memories for the past year. Another travel this year? Let’s go!

    For this year, I’m claiming it will be greater than last year. All of these things will be given in God’s will and perfect timing. 🙂

  2. a lot has transpired in your life in 2014, all those moments and activities made a bigger and better you! am very happy for you Marz 🙂 May 2015 bring more luck, opportunities and more bonding moments for you, Micah, Johann and Bella

  3. I am glad you had an awesome year! I was beginning to think I was the only one who had a good year! Here is to 2015 being even more awesome! I also love pictures with people jumping mid air! So cute!

  4. bravo!! please add that I personally think you are way much healthier this year with plenty of peace of mind. You’ve come a long way Mommy! So proud of you and you inspire a lot of single parents out there.

    Keep it up and love to the kids!

  5. Congratulations on passing the board exam for teachers! Oooo – I am lovin’ all of the book collections…I will say that I did the same thing in 2014…got so many new ones. I hope to get more in 2015.

  6. You had an amazing year! I think that spending moments with our family is truly one of the best ways we can use our time. Have a great 2015.

  7. I’ve never hear of TESOL before- but I hope you did well! 🙂
    We don’t attend church, although I attend a faith-based women’s group with my daughter’s on Thursdays and I’ve found it has brought so much joy to my life. It’s funny what a little time with the ladies can do.

  8. Pinay Mommy Ruby,

    I enjoyed reading this. I was smiling reading this episode, especially when I was included in the pictures. That means I am included in your happy memories in 2014. You also invited me to attend seminars, though I failed to attend on the last one because of health problems, I am very glad that you remembered me. You inspired to write my own blog too. Thank you so much. I also hope that you can travel to different countries this year (Please invite me in one of your trips too ;)). I wish you more happy memories for this year. Keep doing good.

    1. You are indeed one of the reasons why my 2014 was one of those most memorable years on my life. Hope we can travel abroad this year!

      By the way, you mentioned about a blog. May I know your blog URL?

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