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Memorable Party Options for the Kids

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The majority of us ultimately want three things in life: a well-paid job, a good house and a family. This blog is for those who have a family. One of the main things we want for our children is for them to have a happy and memorable childhood. We often remember certain birthday parties from childhood – when all the attention and gifts are showered down upon you, for one day of the year. Ensuring you throw the perfect party for your child’s birthday – something they and their friends will enjoy – can often feel like a hugely overwhelming task.

Let me help you.

There are a range of activities available to you which make incredible party choices and will guarantee that memorable party. 


Everyone has that inner-child within them, desperately holding on to every remnant of our childhood and often use it as the excuse for our immature behaviour. Paintballing is one of those remnants, regardless of age – everyone just seems to love paintballing. So why not introduce your children to the glory of paintballing now? Up and down the country there are many places where you can hold paintball parties for groups of all sizes. Your kids are bound to love it and it will make the perfect birthday activity. Just make sure you don’t go charging in all guns blazing to claim victory for yourself… That might not go down too well with the other parents! 

Indoor Playground

Whilst paintballing can be incredible fun, it can also be painful and more suitable for older kids. To avoid the tears in younger age groups why not stage a birthday party at an indoor playground. These playgrounds are mostly covered in soft, bouncy walls and floors to make sure there are no accidents. A good indoor playground will normally have an array of activities for kids to enjoy running around in, from soft obstacle courses to ball pits and climbing apparatus. My little cousin held his 4th Birthday party in a local indoor playground, he is now 12 and it is still something he remembers and talks about. 

Go Karts

Everyone has those memories of the stand out parties you enjoyed as a child. One of my favourite memories was when my parents took me and my friend go-karting. The exhilaration of flooring the Go Kart into the hairpin corner and on to the home straight to take the chequered flag is something which will stick with me forever. Okay, so I was probably not going all that fast but in my mind I was a speed-demon comparable to Michael Schumacher. Go Karting is one of the best, most enjoyable parties you can possibly experience as a kid. If you want to make sure that your child’s birthday party is a hit with everyone then make sure you hire Go-Kart Party. The sight of a go-kart will make any child go starry-eyed, filling them with excitement and energy just ready to burst out. 


Life on the fast lane is not for everyone, so why not swap the fast lane for the bowling lane. Bowling is something which is sure to hit a perfect strike with every kid at the party. It’s the perfect good-natured competitive fun for kids and something which will definitely provide all the laughs and smiles a children’s party needs. The elation of hitting a strike or catching a spare will be the highlight of the birthday boy or girls’ day. 

London Zoo

Animals and kids go together. Most children love and are intrigued by almost every animal they come across. But walking down the road looking out for dogs and cats is by no means a fun birthday activity, so why not bring your kids down to London Zoo to ensure a roaring success of a party. Encounter the ferocious and majestic Tigers, the lovable and cunning Penguins or the high flying birds of prey. London Zoo offers a variety a great party options for children of all ages.

There are times as a parent where you can feel unappreciated, but throwing the best party available will go a long in securing your status as the best parents ever and give your kids something to brag about to their friends. It’s a win/win situation.

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Mira November 24, 2013 - 11:56 am

Going to the zoo is a great way to celebrate kids’ birthday. My second will celebrate her birthday soon. Thanks for sharing some tips. 🙂


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