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Nelle and I were texting today about how our lives went all afternoon. It was funny because we almost shared the same experiences. We had problems with our blogging buddies. My PC went to the shop to have it reformatted due to adwares that annoyed my surfing pleasure. For her, she was having problems because her laptop was complaining of memory low.I said to her that she might be having this problem because of the program applications, graphics, mp3s, and other files that she has in stored. And I guess deleting was not the solution. She needed her graphics and all those stuffs. So, I suggested that she buys an additional memory so as to upgrade her memory requirements. Finding one will not be difficult. When you surf the net, you will find a memory store that offers a lot of brands to choose from. So, it’s not hard to find that would be compatible with her laptop.

Well, our texting session ended and we continued chatting online about memory cards.

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