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It’s already 6:34am when I started typing this post. My head hurts and I already sleepy but why am I still awake? Is this because of too much excitement or the list of credit card bills that I have to pay? Yeah, I really thought about the money that I will be receiving this afternoon from my maternity benefit reimbursement. I was thinking really hard which bills I should settle first before deciding to purchase a ticket and head back to Bacolod.
Whichever is the case, I need to settle something today! I may not clear up all but probably a few these and that, enough to make me survive another month of billing period.

Speaking about period, I missed mine! Nah, I wouldn’t fuss that much – I always get false alarm. After my baby died, I am not able to conceive again. We are not using any defense but naturally, my tummy wouldn’t budge. So I guess, God would not allow us to have another one just yet. And I guess you would also agree with HIM, right? I would. I felt I am not that good yet – as a mother or even as a wife. I think I need more practice. LOL!!

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Z'riz August 13, 2008 - 9:05 pm

hmm mami! Sana nga magkababy ka ulit!

Good luck pud sa trip nimo sa Bacolod… 😀


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