I am Missing a Lot of Things


Due to the community quarantine we have here in our city, nobody haven’t been able to see friends and family for a long time. In our family, I am the only one who can go out and it is only when it is time to replenish our stocks. So for almost a month now, we are all staying at home.

And because of that… I am missing a lot of things.

Missing Close Friends

As an introvert, I don’t have a lot of friends. I only have a selected few. Though we continue talking online, I miss seeing them in person. Not beats seeing people in person… yes, even for an introvert.

Missing School Peeps

Our school year was terminated abruptly. We weren’t able to properly say good bye to our students. I was able to meet a few of my co-teachers twice during the quarantine but that was it. So, I am missing them already.

My Class Advisory

Missing Church Peeps

Well, there is something about congregating and worshiping God together that makes me miss going to church on a Sunday. I also miss the people who I meet for Bible Study and ministry.

Missing Favorite Food and Coffee Shops

I like eating. I can even eat alone and I don’t mind people staring at me. It’s my way of having a “me time.” But of course, I love eating with family and friends.

I also miss drinking gourmet coffees. I like my coffee black but I also love my coffee in whatever form it can be… not just always. It’s a great accompaniment when you are spending time with friends talking.

Missing My Community Peeps

I am active offline. I miss all the people from CDO Bloggers Network, Connected Women CDO, WordPress CDO, and other communities that I am active with. I like talking to like-minded individuals. So I am missing them as well.

How about you? Who or what are you missing the most because of this quarantine?

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  • Lurchie

    We don’t have quarantine during this season in Cambodia. though schools have been closed for a month now.
    While I am grateful to still have a job, i do miss going out. 😀

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