Missing Hubby & Birthday Updates *

I felt very lonely right now. My husband has just left for Bacolod. My kids and I are left behind because we have to wait for my daughter’s school closing. We will be apart for almost 10 days.

Though we will follow him back to Bacolod next week, I just felt that being apart is so hard for me. I can’t bear the fact to be away from him that long. Maybe I am just so drop dead in love with my hubby that is why I am feeling this way. Oh well…I think I couldn’t deny it!

Anyway, my daughter’s birthday was a success. Though it was simple, I am glad that we were all together. We celebrated it last Sunday at the beach with my parents, my in-laws and her cousins. Then yesterday, my husband and I treated the children at SM. We spend the whole afternoon together. We ate at Chowking, played at Quantum, and watched a movie. When we went home, we spend the night watching more movies together. It was simple but fun!

So tomorrow, I will start looking for shipping boxes. I need to start packing up few things to bring back to Bacolod. I need to bring my old blouses and loose pajamas. I also need to pack-up my daughter’s dresses and toys. She has accumulated much here. I will pack my printer and my other books. Anyway, I won’t be having problems carrying these things. My nephew will be coming home with us. So at least I have someone to assist me while we travel home next week.


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