Mixed Thoughts for Today


I want to blog but I feel very sick. My tummy is acting like a roller coaster again and all I could think is to hit the bed! Hit the bed!

Oh well, I guess my blog addiction has left me for the meantime. This morning sickness (should be called 24-hour sickness) have taken the “bitter” of me. I wished all I had was craving for food but I don’t. I am not in the mood to eat. I only eat when I am hungry. I am afraid if I eat, I will puke myself until I am drained. Preggy blues I guess!

Anyway, I am totally problematic right now and how I wish I could blog about it. But I felt so down to tell my tale. I am just so…problematic!

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  • OMM

    oh, the first trimester blues! it’ll pass soon, then preggy pink glow will come its way. don’t stress yourself too much. the baby can feel it.
    smile often 🙂 🙂

  • Tony White

    Take the chill pill 🙂

    Have been suffereing from severily low stomach acid for past 6 months now and still I’m not that low mentally.

    What makes me motivated “Good times follow the bad ones”

    Be happy and the baby will benefit

    Tony White

  • pinaymama

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    anyway, favor again….:)

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  • Travel to Philippines

    you know, i just gave birth 8 months ago, and now i want to have a baby again. I miss being pregnant (sigh).. i hate having preggy blues, however.

    you just enjoy your time, go out walking, or perhaps go on a picnic. when i was pregnant, i went hiking (true!) on a hill. i sat on top for about three hours until my husband called me on the phone. I wasn’t depressed, really, i just needed time alone and enjoy myself. 🙂

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