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Thank you for those who prayed for my country Philippines. There is a super typhoon named Pepeng or Parma, the international name. PAGASA said that it is a super typhoon and we will experience Pepeng on Friday evening or early Saturday. Please continue praying hard as they say that it is a really strong typhoon.

Anyway, We have no classes since last week and it will resume next week due to the typhoon Ondong. I’ve been staying home for that long and I never go out, I do not want to see the aura outside. The flooded streets, the haunted-house-like fast foods and other buildings. 🙁 Enough for that, it really breaks my heart. Oh wells, so staying at home for that long resulted for me to find some things to do in the internet since I am a net freak and also a game lover. I love playing online games, I love RAN, dota, cabal. hihi..

As I was searching the web, I accidentally came to aion forum and the discussions caught my attention. I signed up there and participated to the discussions. I found lot of interesting games there. I haven’t tried it yet but it seems fascinating. Yay! Great to meet aion the MMO Online Game.

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