Mobile Technology and Then Some

It seems to me that technology is moving at an extremely fast pace this year. In fact, there are a number of new mobile phones on the market that can do everything from texting, calling, checking emails, and even transfer funds through Paypal! AMAZING!

I was browsing through the technology blogs this morning and I came across products that involved the iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and the Blackberry Playbook. From what I understand, the playbook is something new that has not yet been released to the public, but the other two are already being sold in huge amounts.

At first I was intrigued by this new aspect, but then I realized that it cost me more than just an arm and leg. It costs a lot that I do not know if the whole of me can cover the expenses for the tablet. Still, you have to agree with me that it s just so beautiful. And you can do so many things with it.

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