Molding Clay as Art and Hobby

The first time I have a vivid memory of clay molding was when I was watching the movie “Ghost” in my younger years. The scene was really sweet that that I really wondered if it would be romantic to be with someone molding a clay pot.

Anyway, I never thought of clay molding as an art. I mean making sculptures from woods, stones, or steel is always in the limelight but never clays. My perceptions of clay are always about molding cooking or flower pots. But now, when I checked-out various sites online, I noticed that people do make clay art as a hobby. They invest on buying the materials needed and even their very own clay potter wheel. Some also bought overglazes to make their creation shine and sturdy. Some websites like www.amaco.com does not only offer materials and accessories for sale but also free craft kits and tutorials for clay molding both for kids and adults.

I haven’t really tried clay molding as a hobby but definitely I think it would be a nice way of expressing art. What do you think?

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