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Moments to Cherish: The Biggest Milestones in Your Child’s Life

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Every moment spent in the presence of your child’s effervescent evolution will amass into a bouquet of vibrant and cherished memories. There are remarkable milestones of growth you will witness throughout your child’s life which will reward your efforts as their parent. Here are the most tremendous occasions and tender moments you can foster and revere:

First Steps

By the time your baby is around nine months old, he will develop more self-sufficiency in his mobility. This is a sign that your baby is ready for his first steps from babyhood into toddlerdom. You can encourage your child to take his first steps through a close presence, which will let him know you’re available for support. You should stand or kneel in front of your child, hold out your hands and verbally encourage him to walk towards you. The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages the use of walkers, as they can stifle the development of your baby’s upper leg muscles. Make sure your baby has a safe, hazard-free environment when he begins his experimentation with upright mobility.

First Words

Speech development is one of the most incredible stages of human growth. It is imperative that you verbally interact with your child on a regular basis. The best techniques that will foster your child’s comprehension of language include the association of sounds with sentiments. Speak with your child in an expressive voice —  for example, when you say “yes” it should carry a tone of enthusiasm. Acknowledge household items and with bold volume as you say the name out loud.

First Day of School

Your child will begin his formal education around age 4 or 5. Make the transition seamless with patient guidance and interactive support. Tour the school, meet the teacher, connect with classmates, and explore the new school supplies and tools with your child. Discuss the basic philosophy of school-based education in terms he can grasp, so he will feel prepared and equipped with an informed mindset. Your involvement and responsive communication before he embarks on his academic journey will set him up for success.

First Relationship

Time will fly and before you know it, your kid will be deeply immersed in social and emotional engagement with others. This is a time when your teen’s individuality and personality has begun to firmly take form —  relationships can damage or reinforce the frame of his social and individual identity. When he begins to show interest in romantic relationships, it may feel deeply personal and cause confusion. You can support him in this endeavor, through continued open communication, reassurance of his individual strength, and confidence in his responsible and healthy decision-making.

First Time Driving

The ability to drive a car symbolizes ultimate independence for teens. This is a very important milestone that your teen has anticipated and is excited to reach. Help him safely embark on this new venture with educational materials. There are books and online practice tests that will serve as valuable resources for you and your new driver. Get your teen started off on the right foot, so they can hit the open road and exercise safe and responsible driving practices.

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Jennifer October 17, 2015 - 5:31 pm

They grow so quickly – time passes fast! This is a great list. I’ll also never forget the first time I saw my baby after delivery. I was exhausted, numb, but when I first saw her face it was all forgotten…it was worth it.

Another first was breastfeeding (perhaps bottle is the same way) and the instant connection I felt.


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