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Theme of the Week: Dress Up Day

After watching the first Spiderman movie, my son got attached to him since then. On his fourth birthday, he only asked for a Spiderman costume and a cake. Since we are really experiencing financial tough moment during that time, those were the only ones we were able to afford. So happily, wish was granted!

Spiderman Costume

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As for my big girl, I was not able to scan the picture when she wore a formal dress. So, I opted to present an alternative and let see if you could recognize the girl wearing a formal dress in this picture.

Girl in Formal Dress

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8 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – Dress Up Day

  1. You really look like your daughter 🙂 hindi maipagkakamaling mag-ina kayo 😉

    Btw, mommy, if you have the time, kindly update Potpourri to Online Mommy’s Corner with link.

    Thank you in advance.

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