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Mommy Moments: First Aid Tips


I am not a graduate of any medical course but as a mom, I have few tricks up my sleeves when it comes to first aid treatment for the whole family. And you know what that is? Well, it’s plain and simple, keep a first aid kit close at hand!

Anyway, kidding aside, here are some of the first aid treatments I do to my children when the situation calls for it:

1. Mother’s kiss – Though there is no scientific evidence that a mother’s kiss can help wounds or cure diseases, I am sure it can comfort and heal you child’s discomfort. It’s a must for every pain, either physically or emotionally.

2. Coffee administration – Growing up with asthmatic children is quite hard. You need to deal with their pains when asthma attacks. So when it does, I usually give my children hard coffee as a first aid as it acts as a bronchodilator. Drinking coffee is an alternative bronchodilator that can help your children breathe if Ventolin is not immediately around.

3. First Aid Kit – A home is incomplete when a first aid kit is not around. It is a must so that your family will get what they need when the situation arises.

first aid kit

Speaking about first aid kits, here are the usual contents of mine:

1. Isopropyl Alcohol – handy when it comes to minor cuts, bruises, insect bites and more. It also acts as a disinfectant in most cases.

2. Povidone iodine – the best antiseptic/disinfectant to any wounds for children. This is child-friendly because they don’t feel any pain when applied.

3. Watsonal Castoria – this laxative syrup of babies comes very in handy when your baby is starting to eat solid foods. Prevents hard stools.

4. Non-Aspirin PM- when you have a headache that needs sleep.

5. Biogesic – when I get a headache and needs to do something, this is my first aid.

6. Kremil-S – friendly medicine for adult stomach upsets.

7. Mefenamic Acid – first aid to a toothache and other pains.

8. Efficasent Oil and Aceite de Manzanilla – effective oils for adult and baby tummy aches.

9. Vicks Vaporub – used when the children can’t breathe because of clog nose.

10. Sodium Chloride – used when the baby can’t breathe because of clog nose.

For non-medicine contents, we have cotton balls, cotton buds, digital thermometers, band-aids, ice pack and doctor’s contact numbers.

Having a first aid kit comes in handy especially when you have a baby and two active children at home, no matter how we make all things safe for our children, there are some circumstances that a mom’s care is called for. Anyway, these are just what I use with my family. I still suggest consulting your doctor in everything you do with your family. Their safety is our primary concern.

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