Mommy Moments – Hat Day

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Theme of the Week: Hat Day

This is my forth entry to Mommy Moments and I am a little bit excited. I think I haven’t missed a week yet. And I am really hoping I wouldn’t!

Anyway, we are not really a “HAT” kind of people. We don’t even bring an umbrella even how hot it is outside. So, please forgive me for posting some of our not so-HAT moments!

Daughter and Son
This is my kiddos wearing a party hat from Pizza Hut.

Little Soldier
I took this last week. My little soldier.

Witch Hat
This one was taken last year when my boy was doing his potty thing.

Witch Halloween Costume
And this is me last October 31, 2007 wearing my Witch Halloween Costume.

If you noticed my children, they don’t open their eyes when the flash comes out. They don’t like the camera that much.

Anyway, that’s about it. Hope you enjoyed my entry.

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11 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – Hat Day

  1. One thing I really noticed is yung eyelashes nila ang hahaba mga pinagpala haha 🙂 Ako kasi hindi eh.. ang cute naman 🙂 Puro hats haha.. Ako hindi sanay mag hat, I dunno why hehe

  2. nakakaaliw ang mga anak mo mommy hehehe… as in? ayaw talaga nila ng camera??? Cute nung third photo and of course you on your Halloween costume.

    Btw mommy, I am hosting a contest this coming October, this will be my first ever contest. I am wondering if you could be part of the sponsors? Any prize you can share will be much appreciated. Thanks you so much!

  3. Adorable children you have there. My 3- year old used to do that, close her eyes when having her picture taken. Now, she would pose with all her might and effort. Glad you joined MM, now we can show off our kids..Have a great day!

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