Money Making Ideas for Teens


Always feel like you don’t have enough money to do the things you want? Join the club! Here are some top tips for bringing in some extra dough in a fast and easy way.


Recycle your belongings for money

You’re bound to have belongings that you no longer use or need. DVDs, CDs, computer games and old phones can all be sold online, as well as your unwanted clothes.

For example, recycling clothes for money is really easy. Simply go through your wardrobe and pull out anything that no longer fits or looks outdated. Then go to a local second hand shop or an online site that buys unwanted clothes. You’ll be surprised by what others may want and therefore how much money you could make.

Find a job

Whenever you can, spend your time doing some odd jobs for payment, or get a part-time job in the holidays, on the weekend or in the evenings. If possible, it’s best to find something that fits with your other interests to get the most out of your time working. Some ideas are listed below:

• If you like buying clothes, a job in retail is ideal as many places also offer generous staff discounts.
• If you like being outdoors in summer, you could do some gardening or lawn mowing for neighbours.
• Restaurants are a great place for tips on top of your salary and they often offer a free meal during your shift.
• Do you have a lifeguarding qualification? Swimming pools employ teens as lifeguards during busy times such as weekends and holidays.

Make to sell

If you have a creative streak or are handy at making things, why not sell what you can make? Baked goods, paintings and crafts can all be sold at local markets or car boot sales for example. Even You Tube videos can earn you some income from advertisers.

Consider what skills you or your friends have and what you already enjoy doing. Then work out where you can earn some money from that skill while enjoying yourself at the same time. The perfect solution!

Save as much money as possible

It’s not just about making money, but also about making the money you have go further. Decide on a set amount to put aside each week and you’ll soon see your savings add up. For instance, if you have 6 months to save £250 spending money for your summer holiday, you’ll need to put aside £9.62 per week.

Also consider where you shop. Let’s take a beauty product as an example – it may cost £6.50 from a chemist, but £5 from a supermarket. That £1.50 difference can go straight into your savings pot, and you still get the product you wanted.

A mixture of all the above ideas will get you the greatest amount of cash, but why not start with recycling clothes for money. You’ll soon have that money to do those things you want to.

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  • Van Calapano

    This post is really inspiring, it not only applies to teens but actually to every one who wants to make extra earnings.

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