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More Sleep and More Sun


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Yeah…I have been sleeping and walking out from the house alright! As I always said, things have really hit me this time. I felt that I needed to sleep more to recuperate from too much stress, smell the pollution over the metro, get tanned under the sun, get soaked wet in the rain, and get sweaty while waiting for my toddler at school. I decided to get out and finally, I made it out from the four corners of my room and started painting my lips with few tint of colors.
I started soaking in my online life last November 2007 when I lost my baby. By the middle of February 2008, I was already a full-time stay-at-home mommy and blogger. That was also the last time I found myself more often outside the house. I was all online life and blogger me crazy.But now, since last week, I started thinking very hard. I have been inside the house, no social life and no sun. I felt isolated. I sleep during the day and fully awake at night. Somehow I started feeling down and missed my job and talking to people face to face.

Well, I guess there are times that even a passionate blogger will feel boredom in one stage or another. I guess I should really be serious in getting a sari-sari store or another business if capital allows. Maybe through this, I could get some social life blended with my blogging life. 😉


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LxndreaSB July 23, 2008 - 9:24 am

do go out for light exercises. it doesn’t hurt to have a more balanced lifestyle. besides it would be good for u n ur children to take walks together. mummy and children bonding. take care ok!!

Mommy Ruby July 23, 2008 - 9:34 am

thanks mommy! your the first one to comment after posting this. you really made me smile.

sometimes i lessen the walk with the children if i am not that well funded. if you know what i mean. hehehe…they ask a lot and it hurts me if i am not able to give. but we have this session called “loving-loving” we just play and cuddle a lot. no pc. no cartoons. no technology. plain sweet times!

Pinay WAHM July 23, 2008 - 1:53 pm


Oo nga…mabuti yang lakad lakad kahit paminsan minsan lang. As far as the ‘funding’..I think your kids will understand naman when you say no then explain the situation [lack of moolah]. We do that to our little one kasi she has to know na hindi kami nagpupulot ng pera.

Anyway, thx for the visit. Ewan ko kung bakit namimili yung comment box ko ata kasi yung iba nakakapag post tapos merong iba hindi. I have no clue as to why it happens.

Ingat ka…

Mommy J


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