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This coming April 2008, me and the kids are finally going home to our dearly beloved hometown of Cagayan de Oro City. We are not just going home to have a vacation but we will be moving-up everything there. We might settle there for a year or so until the plant where my husband works will finally produce steam (geothermal power plant). Even though, it’s a month plus away, the thought of it is tiring already. Moving everything you have bought for 2 years (believing your staying for good) is a little bit overwhelming.Anyway, I wish we had movers here in Bacolod to Cagayan de Oro. I think it would be easier. Like my aunt and my uncle who lives in the Big Apple, they didn’t have any problem moving from one place to another. They enlisted the help of some New York movers. They didn’t have any problems at all. The service provider was fast, reliable and very responsible. My aunt and uncle was really stressed-free when the moved!

I can only wish for now…but better yet – I should start packing. Maybe that would lessen the stress when the final day will arrive.

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