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Movies I Saw Last November

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I am a movie fanatic. Just last month, I have watched countless of movies. Just to share some of it, here is the list of 2009 released movies that I have seen on the big screen! Note: BIG SCREEN ONLY. Movies seen at home not included (imagine that! LOL!)

New Moon
new moon
Now, who would be foolish enough not to see this most awaited installment of the Twilight Saga? Well, not me. I love this movie. I am not a book fan but I love the movies! Go Team Jacob. ^_^

new moon
This movie made me cry. The events scared me but it made me felt sadder. What is such thing will happen and I can’t do anything to save my children? My family?

Ninja Assassin
new moon
Ninja Assassin is a good movie for those who love action. I do love action flicks but this one made cover my eyes. The movie’s brutality and explicit display of sliced flesh makes me want to puke. But thank God I didn’t!

So, what movies did you went and see last month? Did you enjoy it?

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