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Movies I Watched Last November

A few days ago, I posted about the movies I watched on BIG SCREEN ONLY last November. So now, I will post some 2009 movies that I watched at home in the past few weeks. Not in any particular order.

Jennifer’s Body
This movie is nothing different from normal horror movies. But because Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried starred this movie, it was worth our time.
This made me laugh. I expected a horror movie but it turned out to be a comedy.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
This animated movie is really nice. I enjoyed this with my children.

Funny People
Adam Sandler cursed too much in this movie and I don’t really like her character. Not good for children.

Awesome! I love the story line and so as the actor – Gerard Butler!

The Law Abiding Citizen
Of course, I love Gerard Butler and how he acts. He is handsome and great in this movie. The story line is unique!

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