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MP3 Players for the Kids

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I want to give something to my kids. Something they would enjoy using when we travel and even when they’re just at home playing or doing their usual stuff. I’m actually thinking of getting them each an MP3 player. Who knows, they might not only enjoy listening to it but it may also spark a love for singing in them.

Naturally, I would need to make a mental checklist of what I need to look for when I start shopping for MP3 players. First on my list would be the memory of the MP3 player. I would probably buy one with 64MB of memory. I’m not saying the larger the memory, the better but I just want my kids to be able to fit as many stuff as they like there. Second, is the connection. I would need one that makes use of USB 2.0 to ensure fast and easy file transfers.

Of course, I would also want an MP3 player with outstanding sound quality because after all, my kids will use it to listen to their favorite songs. Lastly, I want a player that looks cute so my kids can enjoy it much.

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LOURDES March 29, 2012 - 6:38 pm

I have an iPod shuffle with 2 GB memory. It’s quite affordable.


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