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As a mother, I always find myself in front of piles and piles of bills needed to be paid. Sometimes, I get really frustrated when resources are running low. Then I thought that I should make a serious financial planning. Well, I am serious before but sometimes failed to be consistent (not too serious I guess).

Though I was a Civil Engineering graduate, I am not that financially well-versed when it comes to family finance (with me having no fix salary). Before, it was easy to predict things when I have my own salary but now having a fluctuating income (and still an adjusting mommy) my financial standing is a little bit mind-boggling. But I am not quitting yet!! I don’t want to work again. I want to be with my children.

Many people have financial problems but they got out, and I am confident that I can too. God is always there to give wisdom on how to deal things…and one of that wisdom is to look for financial basics – debt, credit, cash flows and liabilities. I also took time reading on tips given by a financial advisor. It really did help too.

After few reads, I found out that a positive attitude is one of the many factors needed when you want your financial problems handled. It’s the first thing you must have to reach financial goals. Why? Because there would be a lot of trial and errors that you might encounter while correcting and polishing your financial plans that sometimes you might feel super frustrated! Aside from this, there are a lot more and I will try them out first before I will blog about it – and that will be soon! Hmmm…I think my previous post would somehow come true…after all. LOL!!

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Ann May 10, 2008 - 3:11 pm

That’s okay mommy ruby.. what’s important is that the kids are okay and they have enough to eat. Whereas we can always starve for a while. hehehehe 😉 jk


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