My 2012 Birthday


A few days ago, I celebrated my birthday. Well, I didn’t actually celebrate it with a party but I somehow reflected on the fact that I have lived for many years already. Not that many years but enough to say that I am already far from the calendar days. :p

My birthday went on just like any ordinary day in the house. The only difference is that my father bought two flavorful gallons of ice cream to which my children were having a great time feasting. Then when my husband arrived from work, he brought with him a cookies n’ cream flavored ice cream as well. So, to make the story short, my birthday became an ice cream day. Too bad I was able to eat any of the ice cream. Hehehe… I am not an ice cream eater and I don’t have a sweet tooth either.

Anyway, though things went ordinarily for me, I am thankful that God has given me another year to celebrate. He has proven once again that He has been very faithful to me and my family. I received a lot of blessings lately that are neither material nor financial; some of my prayers have been answered and just recently, I gained new friends and new training in leadership. These things are just few of the many things God has given me that I am really thankful of. Am so happy! 🙂

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