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My 9th and 10th Awards

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I am really having a great Sunday! My friends have given me a lot of friendship tags and awards. I do appreciate this. Yes! I really do. After all the storms in my life, many friends keep the sun shining.

Here is an award I got from Lalaine, which I considered as my 9th. Having your blog loved by others really inspire you to keep going.

This one was given to me by Nelle – whom I now considered my online bestfriend. This is my 10th Award.
As I always said, beautiful blessings are meant to be shared to other people. I am sharing this award to my constant visitors and blogging correspondents:

Nelle, JK, Nancy, Lalaine, Janet, Jessie, Mars, Mabelle, Sheng, and some other people I could not tag because they don’t have a blog to place it.

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