My Baby Boy Cried


While I was dressing myself at the other room, I overheard that my son was looking for me. My mother jokingly replied to him that I already left for Bacolod. My son cried so hard that I hurried myself and run over to him. When he saw me, he didn’t stopped crying and he got angry at me. He told me why I left him where in fact that I promised not to leave him behind. So, I explained it to him that I only changed clothes in the other room and her grandma was only making a joke.Then he stopped crying. He reminded me again never to leave him behind. Then I said I would never leave him and I will bring him and his sister in case I go back to Bacolod. Then he replied, OK…don’t forget to buy me a toy too! Then from that reply, I started laughing. I was all so focused about the emotional trauma but being a child as he is, he didn’t forgot the toy promise.

Anyway, I am eyeing some new toys for them anyway for Christmas. Maybe some swing sets or sport related toys. Oh well, what an experience!

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  • maicel

    hi mommy ruby! maicel ulit, nangungulit! LOL! 🙂

    question again! just got approved in ppp. im planning to buy a domain for my approved blog. pano ko ichachange yung url ko sa ppp? ala kse kong makita don sa ppp where i can edit my url. 🙂 i’d appreciate ur response. thanks ha!

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