My Baby is RashFree!

Remember that I mentioned in one of my blog posts that my daughter Bella had a diaper rash when she used a different brand of diapers? Well, if you didn’t read that, Bella suffered from a diaper rash when we had no choice but use a different diaper brand from our usual. We thought that the diaper we chose as a temporary alternative would last 8 hours at night as advertised but we were wrong. It lasted only a few hours and caused rashes on her skin. Since the rashes gets so red and itchy when soaked wet with urine, my baby gets uncomfortable and cries during the night; thus making our baby sleepless and us too. 🙁

So we went to a drug store the next day and asked for an ointment that would help get rid of diaper rashes. The pharmacists gave as an expensive brand which caused a big hole in our pockets!! Of course, we have no choice. We want our baby to have a smooth skin and a sound sleep.

But then late this year, I discovered that a diaper rash ointment need not be expensive. I found RashFree which is exclusively distributed by Unilab. RashFree is composed of Zinc Oxide and it is used “as mild astringent, as soothing & protective application in eczema & slight excoriations, in wounds & for hemorrhoids.” RashFree is available at pharmacies nationwide at 200 mg/1 g x 30 g packaging and at a very affordable price.

As a mom, I recommend RashFree! It is effective, safe and does not punch a hole in your wallet! As usual, I strongly agree that you consult your baby’s pediatrician before using any medications. But always remember mommies and daddies, prevention is always the KEY to healthy and happy babies and kids!!

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11 thoughts on “My Baby is RashFree!

  1. This is a great product… sadly I don;t have a baby now but for sure, I should recommend it to other moms who had babies .. it’ll be a help for sure..

    was here 🙂

  2. Hi Ruby, thanks for the info on baby creams on skin rashes, i will suggest that to my daughter. Sana next time i can join mom bloggers activities or EB in the future.

  3. I used calmoseptine on my son when he was younger. Pero parang it was 40+ pesos per tiny sachet. I didn’t mind though because it effectively kept the rashes away.

  4. Sounds like a great product. Zinc Oxide is great for diaper rash care. There are some great easy application products with Zinc Oxide in them you should check this one out. There’s a new diaper rash product called Bum Ease its a spray-able diaper care product. Many moms have found it easy to use and effective just an easy spray on and its nearly 100% natural. Since it is a spray there is no further irritation when applying. As always consult a doctor if the problem persist. Good Luck! Hope your rashes are cleared soon!

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