My Beijing Olympic Mascots Pic!!


Well, I didn’t go to Beijing but I did go to McDonald’s yesterday afternoon to buy all of them!! So, here is my picture of Yingying (yellow-Asia), Nini (green-Africa), Jingjing (black-Europe), Huanhuan (red-America), and Beibei (blue-Oceania).

Hope you enjoy meeting them! They are my new blogging companions. Well, technically I only have Huanhuan and Nini because the other three, I gave it to my three ducklings. I can’t give the two because they might fight over it. LOL!!

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  • faeryrowan

    Major fan din ako ng mga Olympic mascots. Do you know about the “bad luck” superstitions surrounding them? I wrote about it after reading it from Eunice’s Travelerfolio. But I don’t believe in bad luck and the Fuwa are so cute anyway! Hehe! Na kumpleto ko na rin ang collection ko..este namin ng mga anak ko. Hehehe!

  • Stanley

    I got those on keychains! HAhhahah…i enjoyed the opening so much, despite the controversy in the paper today. I’m really sad for the little girl that did not sing…..all she had was crooked teeth.

  • Hailey's Beats and Bits

    more power to your marriage! tagged you here:

  • Mommy Ruby

    hello guys! thanks for dropping by.

    @ mommy lourie, i don’t believe. i rather see them as cute decors. hehehe

    @ zriz, yeah i just heard it over the news. what a fake!

    @ stanley, yeah…it’s true, just because of the girl’s teeth. how sad.

    @ dimaks, it’s hard to give keychains as prizes. it would be very expensive to ship. LOLS!!

    @ mommy hailey, i will grab that tag soon. thanks for remembering me.

    @ mommy paula, medyo pinas lang hinintay ko tapos natulog na. hehehehe

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