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My Birthday Month Ended with a Blast and I am Still Busy

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If you all have noticed, I have stopped blogging mid-July. My blogging challenge came to a halt as I was preparing for something – my birthday vacation. Then after my birthday vacation, I got my hands full with my pending tasks, my prior commitments, and seminars to attend. It seems that logging into my blog has become difficult for me.

Anyway, I decided to get back again with my blogging challenge. I am not sure that I will be able to do daily blogging for 30 days but rest assured, I will continue trying until I accomplish it! I will not stop not until I will emerge victorious in this challenge!

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Today is August 1. Since it is the start of the month, I decided to resume my blogging challenge. But I already lacked the time, so my wish of having a long blog post disintegrated to thin air. But! But! But! This is not going to stop me from blogging. I decided to write whatever comes to mind… Well, I have a lot right now but I wanted to post this before 12MN. And after that, I need to resume working again. My time is very tight right now. I can’t explain why as of the moment, but will definitely share it to all of you. For now, I am just sharing that I am still here fighting myself… disciplining myself… pursuing victory over myself.

Yes, I don’t want to compete with other people. I want to compete with my old self so that I will become better each day. So this blogging challenge is something that I want to accomplish for a better me.

So how about you? What do you guys do to push yourself? In what ways?

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