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My Blog Hosting Profits

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I started my blog hosting business last January 2009. Therefore, I am in the business of hosting blogs for almost two years now. Within these years, all I can say is that I have never earned profits besides having my blog hosting paid for. This simply means the amount paid by my hostees is enough to pay for the server monthly maintenance. I don’t get any extra cash to stash!

Aside from that, all I get (especially from the other lesser servers) is problems here and there. And because of this, I think my acne will not only sprout on my face but also at my back. And if worst comes to worse, I probably get a chest acne too!

But even though my blog hosting profits are all but acne and my own hosting for my blogs, I am not complaining. Why? Because I believe there is still room for more. I think all I need are testimonials from my clients, some promotions and a little marketing here and there. Then maybe, the money will just roll in!

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