My Blogger Friends – Ex Links

Linkme-Up.Com is down for almost two days now. I have lost my links to my blogger friends who are non-mommies. So I decided to switch to manual linking for a permanent record. I can’t do my usual blog hopping if the linker is always down.

To my blogger friends who are non-mommies, please leave your URL by commenting here. I will add you up manually as soon as I can.

For everybody who wants to become my friend and to have exchange links with me, please post your URL also and tell me where should I link you up. I have two blogrolls here; 1. Mommy Bloggers and 2. They Love My Blog (for non-mommies).

  1. gahomegirl
  2. Karen
  3. mon
  4. nanthan
  5. >>>> solidcash <<<<
  6. Nancy
  7. A Simple Life
  8. mon
  9. stev &amp; emz
  10. Shoshana

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