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Linkme-Up.Com is down for almost two days now. I have lost my links to my blogger friends who are non-mommies. So I decided to switch to manual linking for a permanent record. I can’t do my usual blog hopping if the linker is always down.

To my blogger friends who are non-mommies, please leave your URL by commenting here. I will add you up manually as soon as I can.

For everybody who wants to become my friend and to have exchange links with me, please post your URL also and tell me where should I link you up. I have two blogrolls here; 1. Mommy Bloggers and 2. They Love My Blog (for non-mommies).

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10 thoughts on “My Blogger Friends – Ex Links

  1. Hello Pinay Mommy! I am also new to blogging. My screen name is gahomegirl. I am a stay at home mom as well. I design websites and do internet marketing. I think it is great what you have decided to do; to quit your job and stay home full time with your family! My website is Please look around at all of the pages and if you have any questions im me through yahoo messenger(gahomegirl). And here’s my blog (don’t forget I am a newbie to blogging) which can be seen at
    Thank you for all you do for mommies everywhere!!
    signed gahomegirl

  2. Hello Mommy Ruby~ 🙂

    I’d love to link exchange with you! 🙂 Hindi pa ako mommy kaya.. sa number 2 po ako~ 🙂

    Do tell po ha 🙂 Ingats!

  3. Hello friend, You create a nice blog… my blog.. Thanks for the comment in my blog.
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  4. hi mommy back here..been re-designing my page just recently..i’m inviting you to come and visit if u have time.

    Have a blessed weekend ahead and TC!

  5. Hi Ruby! You’re welcome, glad to be of help. Kindly add my other blog moms….. check nyo, Thanks and have a great weekend.

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