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I am not yet finished with my blog’s make-over but I would say it is such an accomplishment for me to start on it. Cause you see, sometimes we have many plans in mind but we have a hard timing starting on it. I am just glad I have started on this make-over and I am planning to end it as beautiful as it can be. Most importantly, it will represent who I am in some way or another. I really wanted to have a blog that is a self-expression of me.

Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


  • Jennie

    Hi sis! Thanks for the encouragement. Haven’t really been my best lately.

    You are such a blogging queen! You know so much into this tweaking business and even these online business thingy. You are so learned! While all I know is get paid to blog and I must say from the last couple of months that I have been doing this, there is just no way I can ever get paid for what I am earning now compared to what I will ever get in the corporate world (even an executive position at that) and it’s really helping us a great deal.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family sis! 🙂

  • Pinay Jade

    Hi there!
    Your blog looks nicer now.And I agree with Jennie,you seem to know so much about blogging. May I ask where you bought your domain name? I’m still trying to find a cheap one…

    Keep up the good work!


  • Dominique

    Your sis looks fantastic.. just takes a bit long to load up with all the features in it. good job on the makeover.
    thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  • O Platinum

    Pinay Mommy, it does look great over here. You’re doing a fine job! I am also interested into looking into your project exlinks and will probably get the time this evening. We have family in town for spring break – hope everyone is have a great week so far.


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