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As you can see, when I started blogging, I used as my blogging platform. It took me a year to accept that I really needed to learn wordpress and have it self-hosted.

For some time, I have neglected many of my blogspot subdomain blogs but lately, I have decided that I should activate them and relieve the memories of my earlier blogging days. Besides, I could still earn from them in other paid to blog companies writing about quick weight loss products and from adsense.

I you wanna know, I have five blogspot subdomain blogs and they are…

A Woman’s Blog

Blogger’s Nook

Caffeinated Thoughts

Life’s Digital Moments

OnlineBiz and Resources

And if you are interested, they are open for exchange links. Just drop by them by clicking the images above and leave a comment at my recent posts. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “My Blogspot Blogs

  1. hi mommy rubz, i’m here…couldn’t imagine how you do that?that’s a lot of work updating, and posting whowww!galing,galing!
    keep blogging! i HAVE A GIVEAWAY i hope you can join again…try your luck this time sis! :star:

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