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My Daughter is Growing Fast

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I have two daughters—a teenage girl and a toddler. My eldest princess is growing up to be a lovely young lady and I have been emotional lately that I have produced good looking off springs. My daughter is tall and slender for now. But I do hope she will grow taller some more so that she could have more opportunities for her, She could be a flight attendant, a model, or a beauty queen for all we know! After all, she has the looks and the body.

I am thinking of giving her hgh to boost her growth. Hgh is good for growth but I am wondering where to source it out. Additionally, I would like to know the dosage. My friend had been selling hgh before but they stopped a long time ago and I do not know where to get some. I would also like to give it to my young boy, who knows, he will grow taller and would play pro basketball.

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