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My Fantasy Snow Getaway in Europe

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For a person who lives in a tropical country like me, being able to experience winter is one of my greatest fantasies. Some of my friends in Europe posted their snow getaway pictures and I can’t help to imagine myself having it too.

To start my lavish plan, I searched online the possible places that I could have my grand union with the snow. Of all the European places, Austria’s winter adventure is what I truly want most especially the great ski adventure at St. Anton. As much as possible I want my skiing adventure to be the best. I want to learn tricks and I want to have great pictures having it. Aside from the adventures, I also want my accommodation to be the best wherein I could have whatever I want anytime.

I haven’t seen a grandiose ski resort like St. Anton and I also want to stay in one of their luxurious chalets. Are you also interested in a luxury skiing holiday? Visit Supertravel ski today! Because that’s where I found the St. Anton ski packages! I can’t wait to experience setting up the fireplace of my chalet, take pictures of the beautiful surroundings and of course the ski tricks that I have been wanting to learn ever since I discovered the existence of snow.

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Sherry June 19, 2012 - 11:06 pm

Snow getaway sound good, I am sure someday your dream come true


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