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Aside from my children, I find happiness in having the latest technology that my pocket could afford. Today, after getting my husband’s blessing, I was able to buy a new printer. It’s HP Deskjet F4185 All-in-One. It’s a scanner, photocopier and printer in one. I sold my old one. Actually, I was planning to buy a flatbed scanner only but the difference was 1000 pesos comparing both. So, I sold my old Epson C59 and got this one. Since it’s HP, I can refill it’s ink in refilling stations. It will save me a lot of money. I consider this as a good investment since I am considering to have a serious home-based business – a small time desktop publishing. This would be a great tool.
My husband is also addicted in playing games at my PC because his laptop doesn’t have one. So my keyboards lost it’s letters in the keys…to prevent further damage, I bought a game controller for him where the children could play too!

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