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My Latest Alexa Rankings

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When I woke up from afternoon nap around 5:00pm, I noticed from my browser a new figure that shows Pinay Mommy Online’s new Alexa Ranking. I couldn’t believe what I saw. So, I went to Alexa’s website and checked. Here is the proof:

Oh my golly!! It’s true!! My newest Alexa Rankings is already 197,681!! After 6 months from buying this domain, finally it’s nearing 100,000.

What a great month to start! Aside from bloggers actively participating with my on going birthday bash contest, seeing these new figures for my blog really makes me happy. Aside from that Blessings and Beyond did a great improvement from 4,870,249 to 2,925,530 in just 4 days!

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to achive this without your support and frequent visits to my blog. Regular readers, droppers and blogger friends, THANK YOU FOR YOU CONTINUOUS SUPPORT!! MUAH!!

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The Choco Loco July 3, 2008 - 6:29 am

wow … galing! idol talaga kita mommy ruby!


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