My Latest Favorite – CityVille

There is a new game in Facebook that I am really addicted with. It’s called CityVille. My first favorite when it comes to towning games was MyTown but then I got bored. When Zynga launched CityVille, I didn’t mind it but after a few days, I decided to try it out and eventually, I got hooked.

I like how interactive the game is. I could create as a town of my own and develop it to a booming metropolis and be the mayor. You can create houses and businesses to build your population and city’s income. You can buy decorations and land expansions. You can even create businesses similar to New York City flowers, burger joints, coffee shops and more. Their houses range from small to mansions and hotel suites. They also have skyscraper buildings as head quarters for your business franchises that you opened at your friends’ towns.

CityVille is just starting and has now 3 million fans and counting. And I guess this game will somehow overthrow FarmVille in the future as the number one played Facebook game. CityVille has room for development and so as FarmVille but I think some people are already tired of planting virtual crops. I think they want to develop cities now!

10 thoughts on “My Latest Favorite – CityVille

  1. Hehehehe natatawa ako marz may bibili rin ba sa guide nila eh this game is just for fun, you will be good at it without any guides or book.

  2. @Shydub – apparently may bumibili, pati yung FarmVille and Cafe World may mga ganyan din. 🙂

    I haven’t really played the game pero dami requests that I accepted from FB friends. Parang ayoko magpa-hook at mauubos na naman oras ko! hehe

  3. My nieces were all hooked by this game, i have many invitations of this game maybe i should try this but i’m afraid that i will hooked w/ this like in farmville that i forgot my earning sites 🙂

  4. hi there! i’m hooked on this game too. grabe! :laugh: but then i had to block some other games/apps cuz if not, naku, baka sa work ako mawalan ng time. LOL! addicting is the best term for me for this game. 😀

      1. i blocked it too, actually. i blocked all the games i played in FB. i’m missing it, though. but i’m still afraid to unblock the games kasi sobrang addicting. 😛

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