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Last night, I was able to watch this movie (sorry I forgot the movie title) where the little girl was riding the horse and her father was the one who was actually holding the horse and make sure that her little girl was safe. What really caught my attention was when the horse suddenly became uneasy because the horse tack was somewhat loose. The girl got nervous and her father did not know what to do. Because of the panic, the little girl fell and was accidentally smashed by the horse who was starting to get wild.

To make the long story short, the girl died. It’s really a tragic story that moved me. Suddenly I remember my little angel, Bella. Thank God, she’s getting better everyday after her operation. Now she’s becoming active and her laughter and giggles inspires me a lot and keeps me going.

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  • Yashiro

    That’s really tragic. Seeing movies or movie clip with children getting hurt makes me feel sad. I always think that why does it has to happen to them that’s why I make sure that my son will be safe as possible. And of course prayers will still the best protection.

  • Winchester

    losing a child is a feeling any parent wouldn’t want to experience. my brother lost his youngest son a year ago and i can only imagine how painful it must have been to his whole family.
    i’m happy to know that bella is recovering well; i’m looking forward to reading more about her recovery.
    May God continue to bless you and your loving family.

  • Anything Under the Sun

    if i was the one who will such movie, i may not finish it. since i gave birth to my Gab, i can’t take anything anymore that hurts a child. it was a big change in me since i became a mom. i wasn’t like this before.

  • vivapinay

    I only watch drama when I am happy.. at least I can cope upwatch a movie like what you just described.. otherwise grabe ang luha.. sakit sakit lang sa dughan..

    Happy that Bella is recovering.. God bless you sis.

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