My Mother’s Day Suprise for My Mom!!

My mom went back to Cagayan de Oro last April 27, 2010. She celebrated her 61st birthday there and so as Mother’s Day. Since I wanted to surprise her today, I carefully planned for feasible ways to astonish her this Mother’s Day considering me being here in Bacolod City.

There were many things I thought about, one of those is to send her photo postcards of us family but since she already got a personalized purse with photos of us, I immediately dropped the idea. Another one was to send her flowers thru online florists, but unfortunately they were all very pricey and reliability was not assured. So, I asked my dad what would be the nicest thing to do to make my mom happy today. He said go out of the normal flower thing and send her pizza.

When he said pizza, I searched pizza delivery nationwide but then again the price is just too high and the food is not that much. So, I asked Mommy Dharlz to help me get the same pizza delivered to my mom but she suggested that I should try Pizza de Oro since they are the newest pizza parlor in our home town that sells pizza in extraordinary white sauce. Then she gave me links of the prices and all. Then I chose my orders, deposited her money yesterday through her bank and viola!! My mom got her Pizza de Oro Overloaded Supreme and Tuna Pizza just in time for her Mother’s Day lunch today!! She was surprised and very much happy!!

As for me, I didn’t get any card or flowers. I just spent the whole day at home updating blogs, program re-installation and making tasks. We will try to celebrate it later tonight and I am going to be the one to treat them! LOL!!!

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