My OLD Eyeglasses


When you’re depressed, you sometimes look for ways to occupy your time. To busy myself, I went through my old things from the boxes my mom stored away. Then I found my old eyeglasses. I wore this when I was still in college. I tried to look for a picture of me wearing it but to no avail. I couldn’t find my old pictures. I only have a few of those because most of the time I took my eyeglasses off every time it’s our posing session. So, I decided to take a picture of it. LOL!! If you look closer, you will see it’s already crooked and very old. Do I hear somebody bid for it? He he he…

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  • timi

    It’s nice that you still have you old things stashed somewhere. I was so upset when my sis said she threw most of my old school stuff (especially old notebooks filled with writings…actually notebooks of novelettes na sinulat ko yun! huhuhu!) that I had kept talaga.

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