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My Opinion on GPS Tracking

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Every person needs space and privacy. Well, I myself totally agree with that but in every rule there is always an exception. This is my personal take on the controversial issues surrounding GPS Tracking.
As much as possible everybody deserves some privacy, but not under all circumstances. For example, an employer is paying a field agent to do business transactions in behalf of the company. Of course the company pays the expenses the employee incurred during the fieldwork. So, I guess it’s the company’s right to implement GPS Tracking to employees to insure that they are doing their jobs at the right place and time.

And being a mother, availing a GPS Tracking device for the use of my children is somehow right for me. I think I deserve to know where my kiddos are, right? As for my hubby, well, I am willing to be tracked and so must he! I guess transparency between couples is always the best but if you are suspecting something, for me, I will still go for a GPS Tracking device.

Maybe having one depends on its use. GPS Tracking has its advantages to human kind. No need to argue with that.

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